I have returned from Bali. I want to let you all know that the Bali workshop for Gaya was wonderful on many levels. I am grateful for making such wonderful new friends and meaningful relationships. The firing went well and everyone was engaged in the process. I am hoping to do a follow up workshop there. I will let you all know when that occurs.The experience is something you should all consider. The ceramic facility is well organized with great staff. The culture is so enchanting. The people are so welcoming, ceremonies and blessings for just about everything, kites that fly as high as the clouds, flowers everywhere. Suffice it to say it may have been the best workshop ever. - Jeff


I am fortunate to include Tsujimura Shiro and Claude Champy among my good friends. Claude, Shiro, and I have had 3 exhibitions together so far: Gallery Kokon,NYC, atCapazza Gallery, Nancay France,  and Kakiden Gallery, Tokyo Japan. This image is from a visit to Tsujimura san’s home and studio in 2013 in front of one of his small hill climbing kilns.