A 16 foot long wood fired kiln with a flat floor and a height of 72 inches. This kiln is used to produce natural ash deposit effects as well as adding depth to surfaces of glazed work through intermittent periods of oxidation and reduction. The loading takes approximately 10 days and the firing 7-8 days. The cooling also takes about 7-8 days. The effects can be glossy and runny from dripping ash, or gnarly and crusty from pieces that have been strategically buried in the coals. Variations of clay body and clay slips help widen the range of effects from a single firing. This kiln is typically fired 2-3 times a year.



This kiln is a small down draft, rectangular shaped kiln with roughly 8 cubic feet of loading space. The firing begins with gas for about 10 hours, and then at bisque temperature, changes to all wood for approximately 12 hours. Although this fast firing wood kiln does not produce the heavy, natural ash deposit effects of the anagama kiln, it does produce a lovely range of colors and effects from the reduction of wood in a small chamber.


This kiln is used for both bisque and high fire ware. The work produced from this kiln is the result of an oxidized firing atmosphere with the abstract use of glazes and slips.